What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions tend to be enhancements for your eyelashes that are done with a painless procedure. Synthetic lashes are added that are very organic and weigh little making them so comfortable you will hardly notice they are there. The therapy will enhance the way your own lashes appear by making all of them appear lengthier, thicker as well as darker. They are also curled so from the moment you wake up, you obtain a look that indicates you have just stepped from the beauty parlor, or at best spent time on the process yourself.

Use Of Eyelash Extensions

Whenever semi-permanent eyelashes are utilized, the entire lash line is usually shaped with various lashes useful to create an individual style, based on factors for example eye shape, size and the desired effect e.g. natural or even extraordinary. Having a full software, you will need up to one hundred individual lashes for each eye as well as treatment ought to take around two hours; for many, the process is therefore relaxing and calming that they actually go to sleep.

The adhesive used is extremely safe and won’t damage your vision or organic lashes. It is made up of a polypeptide bond which compliments eye lashes perfectly by allowing the lashes to have their flexibility as well as bounce. If you are looking for trendy hair color and nail design you may check our nail salon blog

How Long Will Eyelash Extensions Remain?

The usual length of time they will last largely depends on how much care you take of these. It also depends on how quickly your own real eyelashes tend to develop; real eyelashes have a growth period of between Thirty to 60 days with one or two lashes becoming shed and replaced for each eye, daily. Generally, the actual extensions should last for around two several weeks however many beauticians suggest monthly maintenance appointments, in which case they can last indefinitely.

Things To Steer Clear Of Before And After Treatment

Prior to treatment can begin, you should ensure your eyes will be clean and clear of makeup every residue may affect the lash adhesive and help make your semi-permanent eye lashes continue for a shorter stretch of time. For 4 hours after your treatment, connection with water ought to be avoided as it can weaken the adhesive and for the same reason for first couple of days after getting eyelash extensions, washing, saunas and pools should also be avoided.

Eyelash curlers tend to be a big no-no and should be ignored at all costs as they will break the eyelashes, besides, they’re unnecessary as the eyelash extensions may already have enough curl. If using mascara, try to avoid oil based ones as well as opt instead for any water based product. It ought to be put on the edges of the lashes only and removed with a make-up remover that is non-oil based. If you are needing to fix your hair and nails you may visit our website nail salon.

Really short or even weak eyelashes may disqualify you from obtaining eyelash extension treatment and some bacterial infections and illnesses could also be an issue. Those that you need to consult a physician or professional about prior to receiving the treatment include:

* Glaucoma

* Dried out eye syndrome

* Cataracts

* Conjunctivitis

* Diabetes retinopathy

* Eye infections

* Skin infections

* Psoriasis

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